Wise Money is the Road Map to Investing with the Smart Money by:


Choosing asset classes with high average long-term historical performance over time and a history of giving strong returns in different ways at different times.*

Lowering volatility through a broad diversification of assets with lower correlation with each other.

Including less traditional asset classes to help enhance performance potential and lessen market risk.

*past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


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There are material differences between the terms under which endowments and individuals can invest in alternative investments. These differences include, but are not limited to commissions and fees, conflicts of interest, access to investment opportunities, size, investment time horizons, and the ability to tolerate illiquidity. There is no standard or exact definition of the endowment model. Portfolio design, specific investments and ultimately performance vary considerably among endowments and investors. Wise Money does not claim that any investor will achieve the same result as any endowment, institution, or other investor. Investment Adviser Representatives have a conflict of interest when they recommend securities where they earn a commission as Registered Representatives of a Broker Dealer. Representatives address this conflict by disclosing the fees and commissions related to the investments recommended to our clients. Also, representatives do not earn both advisory fees and brokerage commissions on the same assets.